Show Your L.O.V.E. for Your Mind

View and download these tips for mindfulness and well-being.

We strive to build a healthy and vibrant environment that helps our students and every member of our community grow holistically and develop the self-awareness, knowledge, and practices necessary to pursue healthy, purposeful, fulfilling lives.​

8 Dimension of Wellness Logo

8 Dimensions of Wellness

Well-being encompasses eight essential dimensions: physical, emotional, social, spiritual, intellectual, financial, environmental, and occupational wellness. It signifies the holistic integration of body, mind, and spirit, emphasizing that our thoughts, actions, emotions, and beliefs collectively influence our overall state of well-being.

Perks and Programs

Georgia Tech has a partnership with local, statewide and national businesses that offer discounts and other incentives to employees and students with valid University identification cards. As a Georgia Tech employee you can also take advantage of perks and programs through the USG and State of Georgia.

Campus Recreation Center

The CRC is a convenient option for faculty & staff to get their workout in right on campus! There are benefits employees can take advantage of whether or not they choose to purchase a membership.

Lactation Spaces

The Institute acknowledges the need to support employees and students in order to sustain the breastfeeding relationship when they return to work or study. As such, Georgia Tech ensures faculty, staff, and students have access to designated spaces conducive for nursing, breastfeeding, or expressing milk.

USG Employee Assistance Program

Your EAP is a no-cost, confidential USG offered program providing resources and counseling services to help you build and maintain your and your loved one’s emotional well-being 

USG Well-being Credit

In 2024, USG Well-being programming and activities will be provided through your USG healthcare provider (Anthem and Kaiser). Members have the ability to earn up to $100 in rewards.

Mental Health

Mental health resources are a concise overview of available services and support systems for individuals seeking help or guidance for their mental health.

Kimberly Goler-Stubbs

Kimberly Goler-Stubbs

Employee Health & Well-being Program Manager


Mattie Hamilton

Mattie Hamilton

Recognition Program Manager

Jennifer Attilus-August

Jennifer Attilus-August

Inclusion & Belonging Program Manager